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3-Phase Premium Translation

The 3-Phase Premium Translation is an exclusive service for clients who have particularly high demands in the creative translation of their advertising copy. For this, work is done in several steps in order to receive an adapted translation.



 1. Your advertising copy is translated into the desired language by me or another qualified translator.

2. After translating, the translation is proofread and compared with the source text by a second translator.

3. The translation is finally edited and adapted again, which means that contents are modified slightly when required and adapted to the cultural background of the target group in the best possible way. The translation is perceived as newly written advertising copy.


Target group

Clients who would like to have their advertising copy tailored to a certain market and for whom the time and cost factor is secondary (for time and costs, please see below).



 The costs for a 3-Phase Premium Translation are higher than for a normal translation due to the third work step, as standard translations normally only consist of the first or the first two work steps. Details on request.



Like a good original cannot arise overnight, appropriate high-quality translated advertising copy cannot be created from one day to another in a form that is ready for press and publication. Most of the time, the texts need to be revised again and again until the desired result is obtained.



 In the 3-Phase Premium Translation service, the focus is not on fast production but exclusively on quality. Therefore, an urgent or express service is not possible for this service.

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