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Are you looking for a creative translation of your website or advertising brochure, or rather a matter-of-fact translation of your company brochure? Do you want your English, German or foreign-language texts thoroughly checked for spelling, punctuation, grammar and style prior to publication? Then you have come to the right place!


As a professional translator, I offer a range of language services that can be described by the terms "Übersetzungen" (translations), "Korrespondenz" (correspondence) and "Korrekturen" (corrections). I personally take care of the large part of the orders while some translations are done in cooperation with other qualified translators. Experienced native speakers only are used.


Each text is conscientiously translated. Depending on its specific purpose, it is translated freely or remains close to the original. Before returning the translation to the client, the target and source texts are compared with each other sentence by sentence and the finished text is proofread or edited by a second expert translator, according to the "cross-check principle". All other translations can be proofread or edited on request.


Translating is an artistic profession that demands a high degree of accuracy, yet also requires time for reflection - only in this way is it possible to deliver a good translation that lives up to your expectations. A good translation can above all be measured by the fact that it cannot be identified as such. When translating advertising copy, it is especially important to take culture-specific realities into account and to adapt the translation so that your text has the desired effect on the readers in the target language. This usually requires several steps. The technical term for this is "adaptation". Advertising agencies often call it "creative adaptation" or "transcreation". An optimal result is provided by the 3-Phase Premium Translation.


The cost of the work depends among other things on the level of difficulty and the delivery deadline. Translations are calculated on a per word basis in the source language text in the United States and on a per thousand word basis in the United Kingdom. I would also be pleased to offer you a fixed price. The cost of proofreading and editing is based on the time taken to complete the work. Please send your text via e-mail to obtain a non-binding offer.


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