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Act in accordance with the motto "two heads are better than one" and entrust your texts, for example advertising copy, stock exchange texts and job applications, to an expert before the final publication. Under the term "corrections" I offer the following correction services:



When proofreading, your texts are checked for spelling, punctuation and grammar. The basis for German texts is formed by the new German spelling rules and the current Duden recommendations (Duden = a book that defines the German spelling rules), as found in the 25th edition (published in July 2009).


Standard editing

In addition to the proofreading services, your texts are also revised stylistically in the standard editing service. Moreover, I point out faults with regard to the content provided that these are obvious.


Editing of advertising copy

The services are similar to that of standard editing. However, the client's preferred spellings are taken into account.


Translation proofreading

A text that has already been translated is edited and additionally compared with the source text in the translation proofreading service to check it for correctness and completeness.


Save yourself the costs of an expensive reprint of your documents and present yourself from the beginning using your best words. Simply send me your documents as a Word or PDF file - you will receive them back corrected or edited as quickly as possible.

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